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It will make a difference

Thanks for showing an interest in reading about your opportunities to reach out a hand to help people who are suffering from poverty and who do not have the chances to take things for granted that so many of us do. We would hereby like to offer you a chance to make an impact in these peoples lives by making a monetary contribution to our different programs.


Be a private donor

General Monthly Donation

100 SEK/Month

One year of school for one child in Togo + one meal per day + health care during the school year.

200 SEK/Month

Start a small scale businesses in Uganda, which deliver sanitation pads made of local material to girls and women in villages. Each business serves 330 girls and women each month and generates at the same time a sustainable income for the business owner.

300 SEK/Month

18 months of payments, pays for one week of trauma counselling for 20 child soldiers in one ghetto in Liberia.

General One Time Donation

You could make an one time donation through PayPal, Credit card or Swedish Bankgiro. There you could decide your amount for general donation, the contribution will goes to the cause(s) that has the most needs of donation at the moment.

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Be a Program Donor – one time or regular donation

We are constantly working on our online programs. You could choose the specific program(s) which you would like to support and make an one time or regular donation as weekly, monthly or yearly donate. This contribution will only goes to the specific program(s).

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Be a Company Donor

Action10 believes that the establishment of effective partnerships with private companies and businesses entail more than simple donations from companies. Companies could have a regular donation or facility donation in either software or hardware facilities. It could be a donation to Action10 organization or our program partners in our target countries.

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Be a Volunteer

It doesn’t matter if you want to help 7 days a week or 2 hours a month, everybody can help to make a difference.
If your reason is to see the smile on the faces of people you are helping or the ability to write a better resume, maybe you want to work from your home or visit a new country and spend time with the people you are helping, it doesn’t matter how you want to help, the keyword here is volunteering.

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