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Happy people in Togo

What $1,000 can change in Togo

Action10 has recently received a donation of a little more than $1,000 (10,000 SEK) for our program from one single donor in Sweden! We are thrilled to experience such a great support and have therefore asked our program partner S.E.VIE from Togo how it will be used to support the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program.

Happy people in Togo

Our program in Togo

In the past four years, Action10 has supported 350 people in seven different rural villages formally living in poverty, to set up their own business. Since the program has really changed the lives of families in these extremely poor villages, we would like to continue to expand the program to more small business owners in more villages. The demand to do so is already large as many entrepreneurs have seen the potential with the program and are eager to join.

So, what can $1,000 really change?

One woman in Togo needs no more than $40 to start her own business. Doing the math, that means forty (40) women were able to get started because we were able to provide the money for them. $1,000 wouldn’t even be enough for one person to get started in Europe or in the US but in Togo it changes the lives of 40 women and their families.

Even better, this donation is more like an investment. As soon as the entrepreneurs have created a sustainable business they will be able to give it back to S.E.VIE, so it can be used to provide more women with the needed capital to start their business and provide for their families.

Every family in Togo deserves a good life. Everyone matters.

Help achieving it! 


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