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We are about to start building a house in Liberia

We have received great monetary support to build our first reintegration home and training center in Liberia and hope to be able to start very soon as the need is increasing.

In just 2 months from now, the Cassava we have on the farm in Little Bassa has to be turned into local food that can be preserved better than the Cassava to ensure we don’t lose most of it.

Before we can purchase a mill for the cassava, we need a place to store the machine and a home for our farmers – the former child soldiers. Without a proper house, the mill cannot be used sustainable.

Our long-term donor Scott has therefore provided us with 2,000 $, that together with the monthly donations will help us start building a very basic home that we can scale up later on.

It is a great example of how important monthly donations are to act quickly on important projects like these. Become a monthly donor now, if you aren’t one already.


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