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the procurement of land

The procurement of land in Liberia

Action10 purchased two acres of farm land to establish the Botanical Reintegration Village in Liberia.

the procurement of land

The procurement process

The IDEFOCS Action10 team visited Little Bassa and was represented by Mr Morris MATADI and Mr Brocks POKAI. At this time of the season the rain is falling and therefore the conditions are very bad. The team had to wait for four days because The Elders were not able to meet them at the time agreed on, as they had travelled another county to attend at two day board meeting. Upon their returned, the meeting was called and issues were finalized, part payment was made and the traditional ceremony honoured.

Details of the meeting

The meeting was called on the 19 of May, at 5:30 PM. It was well attended with all family and relative members present, including the Elder of Elders, the Town chief, speaker of the Elders, Secretary, Head and Assisting Pastors, youths, women and children. The meeting started 5:30PM and ended 9:30PM and was held in the Kpain’s Town, the mother village of Little Bassa.

The first item on the Agenda was the Opening prayer. Thereafter, Morris and Brocks offered a cartoon of hard gin, 2 cartoons of Royal juice, 2 packs of candies, 2 cartoon of soft drink (VIMTO) and 5 heads of tobacco leaf for the traditional ceremony. Morris introduced IDEFOCS Action10’s consul. Morris continues “We should have come to finalize our previous discussion, but due to the death of my aunty who I considered my mother, we couldn’t, however, we have come now to finalize the cost of the land and to make a part payment of $1,700.00 USD against the full cost of the three acres (of which two acres concerns the IDEFOCS Action10 program) of land sold to us. Morris continues, we can’t afford to pay $2,500 per, acre, but we appeal to pay $ 1,300 per acre”. He continued, “The program is to bring development to your village and peace across Liberia. We will want you to please see reasons to accept the price we can afford”.

The speaker stood up to respond, “We have finally decided to sell the land $ 2,000.00 per acre, the reason is that the land is a family heritage, we could reduce the cost a little if you intend to purchase more” he said. The Elders asked us to excuse the general meeting for a short family meeting. When they return from the 5 min family meeting, the speaker continue, “we don’t think is a good idea to receive this money little by little, otherwise it will be difficult to accomplish what we intend to do with the money as family” he continues, “we will accept this part payment for now, he emphasized that the family will not accept the balance $4,300.00USD in part payment but full payment” he continues, “and will not want the balance payment to a take long time to be paid”.  “How soon with the balance of the money be paid”? The secretary asked. Brocks Pokai responded, “We will respond to your question in one week time, please”.

The Elder of Elders stood up to express his appreciation for the task under taken by IDEFOCS Action10, “after you have finally paid for the balance payment, we are going to take you to the district superintendent for you to obtain your land certificate” The Elder of Elders noted that the cost of the certificate will be undertaken by the Elders, and not by IDEFOCS Action10. But that IDEFOCS Action10 instead is responsible to pay for the cost of the land survey, which we accept.

As the meeting went to an end, the women and youth representatives stood up and appreciate IDEFOCS Action10 work and promised to cooperate with our program in the district. Eventually, the traditional ceremony concluded the meeting; drinks and candies were distributed to The Elders, the women, the youths and the children of Kpain’s Town.


The development of the land:

Cassava, community and former child soldiers

Developments of IDEFOCS-Action10 farm project

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