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The importance of feeling welcome

Are you constantly travelling, moving or just arrived in a new community? Then you most probably know that feeling welcome wherever you are and go is most important to be happy and to consider yourself being in a good place. Social acceptance is a need every human has, so unsurprisingly the need to feel welcome is present everywhere in the world.


Integrating excluded groups into the society

In Liberia, former child soldiers are excluded from the society and live together in ghettos. They are forced to be there as they aren’t welcome in the surrounding villages due to their past (that they couldn’t even influence). That is nothing you change with the blink of an eye. It requires sustainable work of strong people who see the positive parts of the former child soldiers and not the weapons they were carrying and using.

programs header_former child soldiers
A former child soldier on the farmland who is part of the reintegration program.

Morris Matadi is one of them. The founder and director of IDEFOCS is working with former child soldiers and village communities to reintegrate them. He provides the former child soldiers work on a Cassava farm in a community called Little Bassa, offers trauma counseling and provides them a new home outside of the ghettos. Being offered to live outside of the ghetto gives them the feeling to be welcome and therefore the power to change their lives.

Provide a feeling of being welcome

Action10 is a proud to be chosen as a partner by IDEFOCS and be able to support the program to reintegrate former child soldiers in Liberia. We understand and believe in the power to feel welcome. We are a big family and always welcome new volunteers from all over the world with open arms. And this is just one of many reasons why we are a proud partner of IDEFOCS and put lots of efforts in reintegrating former child soldiers.

You can make someone feel welcome, too. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10, 20 or 30$. It will make a difference either way.

Help reintegrate a former child soldier


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