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The Action10 Comfort Zone

To be a volunteer worker, an adviser and a donor to Action10 shall be an appointment of joy, love, relevance and fulfilment. The mission of the organisation is to be fully honest, to do good, to support vulnerable people as well as ensuring impact. Thus Action10†offers to its members†the privilege to give something really valuable to†someone else,†and by doing so improving someone else’s life.

The organisation also aims at providing a working environment for its members where care and respect is abundant and where the members feels they are part of a family. Everyoneís skills, passions and creativity that are in line with the mission shall be captured and acknowledged and shall strengthen and improve the organisation’s operations…every day.

Action10 is a platform for cultural exchange, where people can learn from other cultures and thus increase their understanding and knowledge, extend their network of friends,†visit new places,†and enrich their own lives by incorporating†values and traditions†from other cultures.

In addition Action10 aims at providing individual development opportunities to†its members by offering free trainings and seminars on tools relevant for international development. The organisation also offers social events where members and others can relax, enjoy, and further explore their creativity.


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