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The Action10 Advisory program

One important component of the Ten Action Strategy is knowledge sharing, and one aspect of knowledge sharing is provision of expert advice. Action10 manages a network of Advisers who are willing to let others benefit from their knowledge, with the purpose of eradicating extreme poverty.

The Action10 Advisor’s role and responsibilities

The Advisor’s role is to contribute with her/his knowledge and experience on a topic of value for one or more programs.

It is the Advisor’s responsibility to  be well aware of the Ten Actions and the Ten Action Strategy. The advisor must agree with the value platform of Action10 as stated in the Ten Actions and ensure the implementation of Ten Actions in every activity.


The need for information or consultation is always raised by a Program or a Target partner. When such a need is presented, the Action10 will seek for the expertise among its group of Advisers.

Action10 will approach the Adviser and the Adviser will decide whether she/he is prepared take on the task.

The sharing of knowledge between the Program/Target partner and the Advisor can be handled in three different ways;

  1. Distance communication through e-mail or skype, with a carbon copy to Action10.
  2. Discussion through the Action10 IT platform the PartnerNet[1].
  3. On-site collaboration in the Program country.

The output of the knowledge sharing shall most often be compiled into a technical guideline, which Action10 can share with any Program partners. The Advisor will be acknowledged in the guideline, if she / he approves.

A contributing adviser will also be acknowledged on the Action10 web-site, if she/he approves and can, upon request, be provided with a certificate.


[1] The PartnerNet is an IT communication platform made for all Action10 Program partners.


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