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“Sugar Daddy” awareness classes

Yes, you are seeing it right. Action10 and S.E.VIE are planning to start the “sugar daddy” awareness classes in Togo. Our program partner S.E.VIE has identified a clear need to educate girls in Togo about teenage pregnancies.


Our mission statement

Education is a fundamental and a universal human right. Education should enable all children, boys and girls, to “have a better life and to transform the society in which they live.” However in many lower income countries many children do not have access to school, and among those not having access to school the majority is girls. Also, girls are more likely to leave school than boys; for various reasons including sexual harassment and teenage pregnancy.

Persists pregnancies problem in schools

In Togo, the problem with school girls getting pregnant persists. Previously, it was mainly the teachers who caused these pregnancies, but now it is the boy students who make the girl student pregnant. In 2012, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education conducted a study in the primary schools (age 6 – 12) and in the secondary schools (age 12-15). This study revealed 5,443 cases of pregnancies during the school year 2011-2012, of which 230 pregnancies were recorded in the primary schools.

This situation is obviously of major concern to the Togolese government, the parents, the teachers and head-masters and to the Action10- S.E.VIE partnership. Improving living conditions of children is a priority for the Action10 – S.E.VIE partnership. Thus, Action10- S.E.VIE initiated a project in order to prevent pregnancies in schools and to provide an adequate support for pregnant teenagers to better manage their situation. The project addresses all stakeholders to creates awareness and provide training for everyone who are in school. The project increases the knowledge as well as rectifies certain preconceived ideas about adolescence. The project also aims at pushing young people to reflect over issues like sexuality, gender and masculinity as well as the use of adequate contraception to reduce the number of pregnant teenagers.

Proposed venture

Scheduled for a term of three (3) months, this project must aims at addressing five thousand (5000) children, boys and girls, of reproductive age who are going to school.

In the implementation of the project, four (4) key activities will be conducted around the theme: “Early pregnancy, HIV / AIDS and gender-based violence in schools”. (In French the project abbreviation is VBGMS). The key activities are:

  1. Projected videos and awareness sessions on early pregnancy, HIV / AIDS and gender-based violence in schools.
  2. Organization of days of debate
  3. Setting up focus groups involving adults and adolescent’s mothers and fathers to break the taboo of sexuality
  4. Strengthening the capacities of facilitators, customary and religious leaders, inspectors, teachers, managers of communities, radio staff and students.

Take action

You can contribute to educate girls in Togo about sugar daddies with a generous donation on our program page:


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