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SpellAfrica has had remarkable achievements during the year


Spell Africa Team memebers

The Founder Mr Elvis Austins  tells that he has embraced an adaptive form of leadership in the managing of SpellAfrica Initiative, in the last four years. He has come to understand more fully that change is really a factor to consider. For SpellAfrica being a technology based organization, it is imperative to adapt to that the industry is changing very fast across the world; and that this is especially true in all developing markets. In spite of the challenges SpellAfrica had in 2014, they are proud to come out victorious and are delighted to be counted as one of the fastest growing start-ups in Nigeria.

A change in the market has made SpellAfrica to introduce some new products and services. One such product is the Fotobulary app, an Edugaming concept that utilizes the power of images to teach English language. The said game was launched at the 2014 DEMO Africa event in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently the app is free for downloads on the google play store at: You may also want to see the launching of the app on youtube at:

Since the launch of the game, SpellAfrica has received positive feedback and constructive criticisms, all which they plan to integrate into the upgraded version. Over the last year, they also got good feedback messages from renowned organizations in social businesses.  While developing Edugaming, SpellAfrica did a market survey and discovered that over 50,000 persons were interested in learning through the SpellAfrica mVocabulary.

SpellAfrica has been working on better ways to measure the impact of our work. As a result, they have  carefully selected 50 people to join the new class of SpellAfrica mVocabulary. This class would receive the message for 30days, after which they will have to participate in a compulsory monthly examination via SMS, this will continue for the 2nd and 3rd month respectively. On the 3rd month, all 50 beneficiaries would appear in a center physically to write a final exam. Successful candidates will be offered a certificate and eventually helped to get a blue collar job. We are in talks with local employers. Currently about 5 employers have signed in for the pact.

As they eagerly  anticipate the year 2015, they are open to opportunities and determined to help young Africans. Elvis says Yes! The people below the pyramid shall be supported to learn better English for the purpose of getting career opportunities as well as starting sustainable businesses. The goals set goals for 2015 are:

  1. Improve on the current version of the Fotobulary app
  2. Develop a more interactive game for the iphone market
  3. Produce 200 or more mVocabulary graduates and help over 100 of them to get a job or start a business.

Mr Austins shares ” As a typical start-up that is incubated in an emerging market like Nigeria, we have had series of challenges and obstacles, some of which we were able to mitigate. At SpellAfrica we see challenges as mere obstacles that can only reduce our speed but can’t stop us form achieving our mission and set goals. I cannot conclude this years review without saying a big thank you to all our dedicated staff members, volunteers, stakeholders, partners and above all our esteemed customers. Special thanks to Mr Erezi Edoreh for his genuine spirit in the transformation of SpellAfrica Initiative. The same regards goes out to Action10 our funding partner, for their love and support all through the years. It is interesting to know that Action10 was the first organization to have supported our work financially outside Africa. Finally! With all confidence I say to you all to expect a better and more efficient service, from a stronger and more focused SpellAfrica Initiative in 2015.”

Highlights of the amazing SpellAfrica achievements during 2014 are:

  • April, 2014 – SpellAfrica became member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). Interestingly, our founder Elvis Austins won the 2014 English Online Exam Scholarship.
  •  May, 2014 – SpellAfrica were acknowledged by the Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI), a prominent leadership organization in Nigeria.
  • July, 2014 – After a 2 and half year application duration, SpellAfrica was proud to announce  a partnership pact with the United Nation (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). SpellAfrica was granted Special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. What this means is that SpellAfrica can now make both Oral and Written contributes to developmental issues to conferences and seminars hosted by the United Nations Head quarters. SpellAfrica was  also offered the privilege to a yearly passes for the purpose of entering any of the UN offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna.
  • July, 2014- Google Inc., offered SpellAfrica a 10,000USD adword nonprofit award grant to improve their online presence.
  • September, 2014- SpellAfrica was selected among the 40 best tech Start-up in Africa, at the 2014 DEMO Africa awards held in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • October, 2014, -After a stiff and keenly contested challenge with some of Africa’s finest start-up organizations in the world, the SpellAfrica team won the 2014 Global innovation Award in Berlin, Germany.
  • October, 2014- Still in the month of October, SpellAfrica won the LEAP Africa Innovation Award, a 12 month period fellowship for young social innovators in Africa.
  • November, 2014 – SpellAfrica got invited to showcase our products and services at the 2014 eNigeria Conference in Abuja. It was indeed a big opportunity for SpellAfrica to explain and demonstrate their work directly to the Honorable Minister of ICT, Nigeria and other dignitaries.
  • December, 2014 – A visit of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is planned for. The BBC in London has indicated interest in SpellAfrica and is coming to do a short video documentary on the SpellAfrica Story.




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