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We are creating a botanical reintegration village for former child soldiers to recover from the impacts of war.

Here’s what we are doing: 



Botanical reintegration village

A high number of former child soldiers now live in ghettos suffering from PTSD and drug addiction that make them vulnerable to exploitation. The insecurity in the ghettos mean it is hard to provide support. This is why we are constructing a purpose built center in a fishing village that will provide a safe environment to offer them a hand up.

Care and rehabilitation

A six month rehabilitation plan will be delivered  in a purpose built center with live-in accommodation. As well as health care and PTSD counselling, they will gain skills, knowledge and training in agriculture working on an adjacent farm helping them to establish daily routines, increase their self-esteem and their employment prospects.

Building a bright future

Going forward, we will provide resources and knowledge to those who want to start their own business, and offer continued work on the farm for those who want to develop in agriculture. Just as important will be helping to reunite former child soldiers with their families, many of which were broken apart during the conflict, to assist the healing process in society.

We have acquired 8000 m2 of productive land in the rural village of Little Bassa, the farm is operation and construction of the rehabilitation center is underway.

Morris Matadi, the founder of Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS), explaining why he started the former child-soldier reintegration program

Opslået af Action10 på 6. august 2015
Morris Matadi, founder of Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS), explaining why he started the reintegration program.

Your donation can really make a difference

Thousands of children in Liberia that were forced to fight in the atrocious civil wars have been turned away from society and now struggle to survive in urban slums. The conditions are intolerable and many former child soldiers suffer from drug addiction and trauma from the brutal acts of violence they experienced.
Although many of these former child soldiers want to make their lives better, they do not have the resources or connections to get themselves out of the slums.
That’s where we come in.
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