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Hope and Happieness

Providing hope to others makes you happy

Recently we shared the story of Monika from Sweden who donated an unbelievable amount of 10,000 SEK (more than 1,000 $) to our campaign in Togo. We wanted to ensure Monika fully understands what her donation will be used for, so our president Cecilia Öman met her.

Hope and Happieness

Here is what Cecilia told me afterwards:

I met with Monika on Sunday. She is not a digital native (she is over 70 years old), so I sat down with her and went through what we have posted on Facebook and our website as well as described her how her generous donation will enable 40 women to start a business and provide for their families. She cried Christian, she cried.
She said thank you, thank you, thank you. She was so happy and I hope proud. I was so touched. I really felt her appreciation.

I could have never imagined that my work at Action10 will not only change the lives of many living in extreme poverty but also those of our donors. Now that I know, my work here is twice as important and it definitely pushes me forward. With one single donation Action10 was able to make 41 women and their families smile – 40 new entrepreneurs in Togo and Monika. Having learned this important lesson, it is my personal ambition to ensure each and every donor to any of our campaigns will just be as happy as our target partners.

Here is our thank you card for Monika that we plan to provide to all our donors from now on:

Thank you note


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