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Providing hope made easy

At Action10 we believe that if we provide an easy platform to offer help and providing hope, we will be successful in eradicating extreme poverty. We have therefore made it easier than ever to donate time or money with the redesign of our website and will continue our efforts.

Take action by becoming a monthly donor:

Give love to others

If you want to help without making a manual donation every month and be regularly informed about the progress of our programs, you can simply opt-in for an automatic monthly donation via PayPal for the program that suits you most. At Action10, we have built a system that allows us to transfer 97% of your donation to our program partners and an amazing 90% of it will reach our target partners. We always have several programs at the same time in different countries and with different goals.

Choose one that you feel most connected with and let us ensure you that we are grateful for everything you give. Let us also remind you that every amount helps. 10$ every month can already make a huge difference.

Take action as a monthly donor

Take action by donating time:

Donating time

Action10 is run 100% by volunteers, so we are grateful of every help we can get. We are operating in several work groups – Evaluation Planning, Knowledge Sharing, Institutional Capacity, Quality Values and Sustainable Economy – that are always in the need for skilled people to join us on our mission to eradicate extreme poverty.

Take a look on our volunteers page to understand what it’s like working with us and show us your interest and skills. We will definitely get back to you!

Take action as a volunteer

Take action by spreading the word:

Spread the word

At Action10 we do understand the challenges of providing time or money. It is one of the reasons we have started to increase our activity on Facebook a few months back. By spreading the word, we provide everyone a platform to help us. And all it takes to do that is one click – like or share.

Our Facebook page lists all recent posts in case you haven’t discovered them yet.

Take action and spread the word


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