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Our work towards achieving universal primary education in Togo continues

As 2015 is nearing an end and the outcome of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals will soon be summarized, the prospects of the Togolese government fulfilling its goal of universal primary education look bleak. Action10 and our partner organisation S.E.VIE have identified the crucial need to assist the Togolese government in their efforts by supporting the education of 174 vulnerable children in Togo through our “Basic Education and Children Abuse Prevention in Togo” program.


Like much of Sub-Saharan Africa, the initial strides forward in the early years of the millennia stagnated after the global financial crisis in 2007. The Togolese educational system has consequently suffered from financial constraint in its efforts to enroll every child into primary school. The rapid population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa has furthermore slowed down progress. Compared to 2000, there were 35% more school children to accommodate in 2012 despite the net enrollment rate increasing by 18% during the same period. In Togo around one in ten children of primary school age are still out of school. These primarily include girls from poor rural households, orphans, street kids and other vulnerable children. While school fees for primary education were abolished in 2008, other factors including poor household finances and lower motivations to send girls to school have hampered developments.

603337_494970410531770_1006464486_nIn Togo around one in ten children of primary school age are still out of school.  Foto by S.E.VIE

Our Action

The “Basic Education and Children Abuse Prevention in Togo” program was initiated in 2009 between Action10 and IARAD. In 2012, IARAD was replaced by S.E.VIE, yet our overall goal of supporting universal primary education in Togo remains.
Action10 and S.E.VIE have expanded to include families, teachers, headmasters and village chiefs into our program to make this outcome possible. Action10 and S.E.VIE have also established a communication line with the Togolese government in order to achieve the main objectives of the government’s Education For All (EFA) program.

togo_school_kidsToday 174 children have joined the program and the activities. Foto by S.E.VIE

In 2009 we started off with 10 children and a small program of support. Today 174 children have joined the program and the activities included are many and ambitious. To fully support one child is expected to cost €100 per year. To include more children to the program, Action10 and S.E.VIE have discussed alternatives that can develop this program from a donor dependent one to one that can generate an income (since basic education naturally cannot do so). Either our program partner identifies one or more enterprises that we can help develop or we start a business that generates profits to help sustain the education program.


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