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Our programs address the issues identified by the Target partners. Topics identified by our partners include education, social security, food, water, health care, hygiene, psychological counseling, awareness raising on human rights, access to books, employment, social enterprising, rural banking, finance administration and accounting and related issues. As it is the Target partners themselves that identifies the topics, the Action10 program is flexible and varies with time.

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Educate girls in Togo about “Sugar Daddies”

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In Togo, the problem with school girls getting pregnant persists. persists pregnancies in schools. Previously, it was mainly the teachers who caused these pregnancies, but now it is the boy students who make the girl student pregnant.
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Reintegrate former child soldiers in Liberia

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This program is re-integrating former child soldiers in Liberia back to society. We are building a reintegration center and provide trauma counselling, medical care, education and social enterprising ventures for employment.
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Support a Women Entrepreneur in Togo

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Action10 has supported 350 people in seven different rural villages formally living in poverty, to set up their own business. Since the program has really changed the lives of families, we would like to continue to expand the program.
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