Our history

Cecilia Öman, founder of Action 10, spent many years working in lower income countries. She could see the need for change in the way things were being done and reflected on what she saw. She found it strange that you can buy Coca-cola in places where there is no clean drinking water available and that telephone companies sell air-time in regions where basic needs are not being met.


market-344018The fact is that private institutions produce a product or a service to be sold. They use local entrepreneurs to sell on their behalf because they know the market better. These companies maintain a positive and strong image of the customers and their partners. And they do real-time monitoring and evaluation to maintain a steady return on investment.

This system creates an effective means for local people to take charge of their lives and be part of the labor market.

And who are the customers? The customers are the people in the local village shop. If these people aren’t satisfied, then the company can’t do business. Simple as that.

This model allows local communities to grow

With very little resources, a local community can create a sustainable marketplace which avoids growing a dependency on foreign aid. We believe that poverty can be eradicated if external support from aid agencies followed a similar model and became truly accountable to the whole community every step of the way.

Local Stories shape what we do

The first project Action 10 undertook was in Togo. We supported a local man who came to Cecilia’s attention after working there.

Without any money, he had been travelling from village to village and giving people simple health advice such as the benefits of boiling water before drinking it or education advice such as why it is important to ensure children attend school- things that have no cost.

Local people are the experts

His inspiring story showed that local people know their community’s challenges better than anybody else. And that with very little resources people can take action and make a change.

Cecilia made an initial donation of 3000 SEK in 2008 to scale up his efforts but knew greater action was needed. Action 10 was started to support more local initiatives like this.

Continued work in the country has lead to strong partnership with Solidarité Enfance et Vie (S.E.VIE). We have so far helped over 350 people in 7 rural villages in Togo and bring their ideas to life to fight extreme poverty.

About us

According to recent estimates, in 2015, 702 million people still lived in extreme poverty – despite billions of dollars in development aid.

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What we do

What we do

Action 10 provides expertise, tools and resources to enable people facing extreme poverty to find a way out.

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Where we work

Where we work (2)

We are present in seven countries across West Africa and South America. The problem is the same in all of them – extreme poverty.

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How we work

How we work

Action 10 is different – we work in equal partnership and operate on a 10-point agenda to bring sustainable change 

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