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Maize Mill and School launches in Agbodjékpoé

Maize is the staple food of the Togolese population but the inhabitants in the village of Agbodjékpoé in rural Togo do not have access to a maize mill. As a consequence they have to travel 1,5 km each time they need to grind their maize.

On another note, the children involved with the Action10 – IARAD Education Program in the Primary School of Agbodjékpoé do not have access to lunches when they attend school. But it would not be sustainable for Action10 to continuously pay for the school lunches.

For these two reasons, IARAD proposed to expand the Action10 – IARAD education program to also include a maize mill. The inhabitants in Agbodjékpoé would benefit from having access to a mill inside the village. At the same time the revenue from the milling would cover the costs of the school lunches for the children in the Action10-IARAD Education Program who attend the primary school of Agbodjékpoé.

It was agreed that the Action10 – IARAD Program should procure and install a  maize mill in the village of Agbodjékpoé. The Program should then install am maize mill Management Committee to be in charge of the maintenance, operations and finances of the mill. The committee would receive training and coaching from IARAD on all aspects related to their new responsibility. The two Head Masters of the school approved the project and were prepared to support.

This project was initiated in 2011 when the mill was procured and installed. The Mill Management Committee was appointed and trained during the same year. The mill is up and running and the related challenges are faced. The mill did not yet generate revenue, but the policies and procedures are strengthened and the Management Committee receives continuous coaching.


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