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Action10 is grateful for having the opportunity to partner up with LINK-UP in Buea, Cameroon. LINK-UP ia an organization working for improved conditions for children. Action10 is involved by promoting the LINK-UP Mail Exchange Program between young students in Sweden and in Cameroon.

Another of the LINK-UP projects which Action10 is supporting  is the Village Library Program. The Village Library Program aims to enhance access to text books to educationally marginalized children in particular and children in general through the establishment of textbook exchange and sales points in Cameroon. Children, who are part of the textbook exchange program, are certain to have access to core textbooks (Mathematics, English and French) throughout their entire school program. In that way, children will not be sent away from school due to lack of textbooks and their learning experience will be enhanced. An exchange fee will be charged for those involved in the exchange process by parents, guardians, local authorities among others. An integral component of the Village Library Model is the sales corner. This unit is designed to promote sales of textbooks at a reduced price especially in remote localities where there are currently no book shops. Action10 supports the initiative by addressing the provision of book.

Action10 and LINK-UP are also working jointly on an Institutional Capacity Strengthening Program.



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