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We teach English to underprivileged adults who didn’t get the chance to learn at school.

Here’s what we are doing: 



Improving job prospects

The Back2School Initiative is a new solution to addressing the problem of adult illiteracy and poor English in Nigeria. We are targeting hundreds of adults between 24 – 45 to return to school and improve their English via evening classes to help them increase job prospects and take advantage of the country’s fast economic growth. 

Novel teaching approach

The classes are taught by qualified and enthusiastic teachers using the Montessori teaching method. This is an educational approach characterized by an emphasis on respecting the individual’s learning needs. The ability to read, write and speak English, Nigeria’s official language, is a major step towards eradicating poverty in the country.

We sincerely believe every person in Africa has a right to basic education. 

Your donation can really make a difference

In a country with hundreds of local languages, the high prevalence of pidgin English enables people from different parts of Nigeria to effectively communicate with each other. However, millions of people who don’t know how to use the formal English language are at a disadvantage and find it harder to take advantage of Nigeria’s fast-paced economic growth or pursue a bright path in education.
SpellAfrica saw an amazing opportunity waiting to be taken via mobile learning. Spell Africa is ready to scale up its efforts to open the door of opportunity and unlock the human capital of hundreds of people with an innovative approach.
That’s where we come in.