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Interview with Monica Axelsson

1. What is your full name? Monica Axelsson
2. Where were you born? I was born in Bromma, Stockholm.
3. Where do you live? Now I live in Uppsala.
4. What is your family situation (single, married, children)? I am married to Torbjörn and we have two children, Karin 24 years old and Johan 21 years old. They have both moved out and they now live on their own.
5. What is your educational background?E.g. what school(s) have you attended? I studied at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The program was called “Land surveying”, but it dealt mostly with urban planning and real estate management.
6. What is your professional background? E.g. what jobs have you had in the past and what job do you currently have? I used to work at the local authority of Uppsala with exploitation, i.e city planning and new residential areas. Five years ago, I started working with new housing projects for a housing and construction company, called NCC.
7. How did you first get in contact with Action10? The president, Cecilia, is an old friend of mine.
8. What is your role or title at Action10? I used to work in the Social workgroup, and I helped to arrange some African inspired parties together with some other members of Action10, but now I just contribute economically.
9. What are your tasks at Action10? See question 8.
10. Why did you join Action10?  I was curious and it felt like an easy way to contribute and make a difference. Myself and both my children joined Cecilia on one of her trips to Togo, which was a fantastic experience which I strongly recommend everyone who has a possibility to do. It changed my view of Africa and it was amazing to meet all the friendly and open hearted people.
11. What do you expect Action10 to achieve in the following five years? I really expect that we can make a difference and that we can contribute and encourage people who now are suffering from poverty and lack of education.
12. How can Action10 be improved? I think we should just continue doing what we have been doing, and create and use networks and members skills.
13. What do you like about Action10?  The belief in all people’s capacity!!.
14. What is your biggest accomplishment in life? The up bringing of our children and the fact that they have become mature individuals with free spirits.
15. If you could choose anything that you would like to do, what would it be? Take half a year off from work and do a long round-trip on another continent, maybe South America, and before the trip learn the language required, e.g. Spanish.
16. What are the things you treasure and value the most in life? My family and relatives!


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