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Interview with Lina Tolander

1. What is your full name? Lina Tolander 
2. Where were you born? Stockholm, Sweden
3. Where do you live? Stockholm, Sweden
4. What is your family situation (single, married, children)? No comment.
5. What is your educational background?E.g. what school(s) have you attended? Currently studying an international master in political science at Stockholm University. BSc in Development Studies at Lund University, with major in political science. Courses in political economy at Stockholm Uni. and advertising at Central Saint Martins School of Arts and Design in London.
6. What is your professional background? E.g. what jobs have you had in the past and what job do you currently have? I work extra at an interior design/fashion store and as a pedagogue in pre-school. In the past I have worked with event-marketing, PR, waitressing, bar-tending, economic administration. I have worked in a surf shop and a hat shop, and I have been a swimming instructor. I also volunteered for Save the children and ActionAid. Have had lots of fun and learnt heaps!
7. How did you first get in contact with Action10? Through my ex-roomie’s mom who knows Cecilia, the founder.
8. What is your role or title at Action10? Coordinator for the workgroup “Institutional Capacity” and board member.
9. What are your tasks at Action10? Strengthening the organisation’s institutional capacity and assisting our partner organisations with the same task. Strive for smoothly, effective running institutions and partnerships. We are currently, inter alia, working with policies regarding corruption, strategies for conflict resolution and agreements for partnerships. Supporting other coordinators and keep contact with members are also important tasks!
10. Why did you join Action10? I searched for an internship within my studies and got in touch with Action10. Having critically analyzed different ways of working with development, Action10’s strategy appealed to me. Equal partnerships and demand-driven projects feels like the right approach.
11. What do you expect Action10 to achieve in the following five years? I expect, and hope for, greater independence of target partners. I expect continued and enhanced mutual learning and training with our partner organisations. I believe a lot will happen within the next years as the organisation is growing fast. I dream big but find it hard to specify expectations at the moment.
12. How can Action10 be improved? The organisation can always be improved and should strive for constant improvements. Evaluation of projects is a crucial aspect, and one Action10 is persistently working with.
13. What do you like about Action10? The strategy, the SEEDS and the ten actions. The engagement and all the fantastic members. The optimism and the good prospects for sustainability.
14. What is your biggest accomplishment in life? No comment.
15. If you could choose anything that you would like to do, what would it be? Outdoor sports every day!
16. What are the things you treasure and value the most in life? The sea, mountains, live music and love.


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