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Interview with Johan Axelsson

1. What is your full name? Johan Axelsson
2. Where were you born? Uppsala, Sweden.
3. Where do you live? Gothenburg, Sweden.
4. What is your family situation (single, married, children)? Single.
5. What is your educational background?E.g. what school(s) have you attended? Currently I’m doing my last year at the university where I study music & event management (business economics). In high school I studied social studies with focus on development studies (that is how I got interested in this field).
6. What is your professional background? E.g. what jobs have you had in the past and what job do you currently have? I’ve been studying my whole life. Some work during the summers but nothing else than that. At the moment I’m doing my internship at “Festivalbussen i Norden AB”, which arranges transport to various festivals and concerts in Europe.
7. How did you first get in contact with Action10? Through my mother, who is a friend of Cecilia’s, the founder.
8. What is your role or title at Action10? I don’t think I have one, I’m just a member.
9. What are your tasks at Action10? None at the moment.
10. Why did you join Action10?  I like the policies that Action10 has implemented. I believe the way things are done, is the right way of doing things.
11. What do you expect Action10 to achieve in the following five years? I don’t know really. Every small step forward is a great achievement. But I hope and believe Action10 will expand and cover more ground.
12. How can Action10 be improved? I believe there are three areas of improvement; knowledge, partnership and money. These three go hand in hand. One thing will lead to the other being strengthened. If we are able to get more organizations involved with the local or national development, it will improve Action10. Knowledge will be traded, partnerships will be made, we will expand and hopefully collect more money so we can invest them. Both sides have a lot to learn from each other.
13. What do you like about Action10?  Like I mentioned before, the policy, the way things are done, the way Action10 work, the structure, the freedom to choose the level of commitment. And maybe the most important thing, Action10 has realized that we don’t know everything, we need to collaborate with the organizations and people who are close to the issues.
14. What is your biggest accomplishment in life? Oh, I don’t know.. Maybe that I went directly to university, moved away from home and took care of my life by my self. I have much more to accomplish.
15. If you could choose anything that you would like to do, what would it be? Impossible to answer. Life wise; travel, see awesome, beautiful places. Work wise; get a job as an economist in a business I like, music, development, sports. 
16. What are the things you treasure and value the most in life? Family, friends, music, freedom, justice, chances and sports.


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