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Interview with Ahmed Ziadi

1. What is your full name? Ahmed Ziadi
2. Where were you born? Baghdad, Iraq
3. Where do you live? Stockholm, Sweden
4. What is your family situation (single, married, children)? Single
5. What is your educational background?E.g. what school(s) have you attended? Bachelor of Science, Royal Institute of Technology/Stockholm
6. What is your professional background?E.g. what jobs have you had in the past and what job do you currently have? Have worked as a Web Developer, Support Associate, Account Manager and Product Manager.
7. How did you first get in contact with Action10? Through a Volonteer Agency
8. What is your role or title at Action10? Web Developer
9. What are your tasks at Action10? Developing the web platforms and the social network pages.
10. Why did you join Action10? In the beginning it was to make a website, but stayed for the cause!
11. What do you expect Action10 to achieve in the following five years? I expect us to be one of Sweden’s biggest non-profit organisations.
12. How can Action10 be improved? Working on improving already 🙂
13. What do you like about Action10? The cause of course, but at the same time how organised and driven everybody is.
14. What is your biggest accomplishment in life? No comment.
15. If you could choose anything that you would like to do, what would it be? No comment.
16. What are the things you treasure and value the most in life? No comment.


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