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Improved Livelihood in Rural Sirikwa, Kenya

The Amani Women Group in Sirikwa, the Environmental Youth Soldiers in Sirikwa, the Livelihood Improvement Program in Nairobi and Action10 in Sweden have agreed to collaborate on livelihood improvement in Sirikwa in rural Kenya. The challenges for Sirikwa are many and include lack of governmental support, limited contact with others, rain fed agriculture with no equipment of fertilisers, clashes between ethical groups at the time of the previous election in 2007 and HIV/AIDS. The life in Sirikwa is based on the cultivation of potatoes, peas, beans, cabbage at small land lots and collection of firewood. The village is faced with many orphans who do not attend school, young people who do not start families, high level of fluoride in the drinking water and alcohol abuse.

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The four partners have agreed on a strategy map which is designed according to the Action10 tool. The vision of the programs includes a Kenya in peace. No clashes occur between ethnic groups and no armed conflicts take place with foreign countries. The Kenyan people believe in themselves, they have self confidence and are aware of their talents. Development project are successful. Community Development Organisations can always generate sufficient money for new investments. People have access to good employment so that they can fully support their families. Everyone in Kenya have access to high quality water, sufficient energy and good sanitation facilities. Adaptation to climate change is properly made. The environment is clean and well-kept. Old people are well taken care of. All children live comfortably and are provided good education. Women and men have equal rights and responsibilities.

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The strategy includes:
• Buy land
• Provide information on diversification
• Dig enough wells with safe water and install water pumps
• Install irrigation devises
• Buy and install greenhouse and train on green-house management
• Provide access to new markets
• Build ecological sanitation toilets and train on ecological sanitation
• Train on value added production and bottled water production

• Buy and rear dairy animals and buy milk cooling facility
• Provide equipment related to value added production
• Plant woodlots
• Buy and install a brick making tool and train on brick making
• Train on biogas generation

• Train on financial accountability and transparency
• Train on investment opportunities and business management
• Develop a village bank

• Provide solar lamps to all families
• Construct an office and install electricity
• Construct a building for giving training and install electricity
• Give evening classes for school children and train youths on different professions
• Arrange with internet access and construct a cyber café
• Provide counselling and tea talks to reduce alcohol abuse

• Pay school fees, uniforms and school items for all children not attending school otherwise
• Encourage long term planning with children´s guardians such as woodlots for income
• Provide calves to needy guardians within the group for income generation and milk for the children
• Give sensitization event to guardians on how to encourage school performances
• Create forums for support among guardians

• Train on evaluation planning and perform joint annual evaluation planning of the program

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