How we work

Action 10 is different – we work in equal partnership. Action 10 operates on a 10-point agenda. These points are strategically linked in sequence to form the foundation of our programs. They ensure needs driven programmes and sustainable impact.

The 10 Actions

How we workThese are hosted within each of the five work groups in Sweden and across our all of out programmes. 

  1. Needs driven program

  2. Equal partnership

  3. Evaluation planning

  4. Strategic partnership 

  5. Institutional capacity

  6. Sustainable economy 

  7. Quality values

  8. Resilience 

  9. Knowledge sharing

  10. Visibility

This ensures that they are implemented through all the work we do. We also ensure that the 10 Actions are agreed by all of our partners. Since 2009 this framework has shown very successful results. 

Practical approach

We use the tool ROPE – real-time outcome planning and evaluation.

These guidelines ensure direct and concrete planning and evaluation. By following ROPE we also ensure that the 10 Actions are implemented across the programme.

Our history

Local stories shape what we do. The first project Action 10 undertook was in Togo and has become a huge success story.

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About us

According to recent estimates, in 2015, 702 million people still lived in extreme poverty – despite billions of dollars in development aid.

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What we do

What we do

Action 10 provides expertise, tools and resources to enable people facing extreme poverty to find a way out.

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Where we work

Where we work (2)

We are present in seven countries across West Africa and South America. The problem is the same in all of them – extreme poverty.

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