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9 programs that changed the lives of hundreds in Togo

We at Action10 are amazed of the outstanding work our program partner S.E.VIE has been doing in the past years in Togo. Here a quick summary about 9 programs that have changed hundreds of lives:


1. Community development assistance program focused on children

Families in Togo

Women have benefited from micro-credits to develop income generating activities. 
The project aims to improve living conditions of children and families in the villages.
Locations: Kondo Kope, Kpota, Tokpévia, Toméfa, Fulany Kondji, Agbodzekpo and Tsévié.
Beneficiaries: 318 women and 15 men
Year: 2012-2015


2. Reforestation project in schools

Reforrestation in Togo
Location: Kondokopé EPP, EPP fulany Kondji, EPP Tokpo
Beneficiaries: Entire population of such villages.
Year: 2009 -2010


3. Project construction of health huts in villages

Health house in Togo
Location: Village Hove
Beneficiaries: Over 1,000 inhabitants
Year: December 2012


4. Child Assistance Program

Child assistance in Togo
Promoting children’s rights and create awareness of children’s rights.
Locations: Kondo Kope, Fulany Kondji, Agbodzekpo, Gapé Agbétim, Tsévié.
Beneficiaries: More than 1500 people
Year: 2012-2014


5. Realization of children’s rights

Realization of children's rights
Development project with 5 classrooms.
Locations: Gapé Agbétim
Beneficiaries: Students of the EPP Agbétim
Year: September 2013


6. Project initiation children to computer skills

Project initiation children to computer skills
Locations: Tsévié
Beneficiaries: 30 children
Year: 2014


7. Socio-educational animation project with children

Socio-educational animation project with children
Locations: Tsévié
Beneficiaries: 50 children
Year: 2014


8. The proposed construction of latrines in schools

The proposed construction of latrines in schools.
Locations: Gapé Agbétim and Fulany Kondji
Beneficiaries: Students and teachers from its schools.
Year: 2012 and 2013


9. Project support and support for vulnerable children

Project support and support for vulnerable children.
Donations of school supplies, clothes gifts, Christmas gifts, incentive awards to the best students.
Locations: Kondo Kope, Fulany Kondji, Agbodzekpoé, Gapé Agbétim, Kouni, Avedze and Kpatefi.
Beneficiaries: 175 Orphans and vulnerable children
Year: 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014 ; 2015


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