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How we benefit from our advisors

One important component of the Ten Action Strategy is knowledge sharing, and one aspect of knowledge sharing is provision of expert advice. Action10 manages a network of Advisers who are willing to let others benefit from their knowledge, with the purpose of eradicating extreme poverty.

The need for information or consultation with one of the Advisers is always raised by a Program or a Target partner. When such a need is presented, Action10 will seek for the expertise among our group of Advisers. Action10 will approach the Adviser and the Adviser will decide whether she/he is prepared to take on the task.

The sharing of knowledge between the Program/Target partner and the Adviser is managed through Action10, using for example e-mail or Skype. On-site collaboration in the Program country can be possible.

The board appoints a person to become part of the Advisory Network. All Advisers need to fully agree with the value platform of Action10, and ensure the implementation of the Ten Actions in every activity. Action10 Advisers are working on a volunteer basis.

If you know someone that has a field of expertise, that might be of use for our Program or Target Partners, and you would like to propose this person to become part of our Advisory Network, please feel free to contact Mikaela Svanberg Akesson via



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