How it started

The founder of Action10 believes that extreme poverty can be eradicated within a limited period of time through equal partnership between extremely poor communities, development organisations in lower and higher income countries and governments. To make her believes operational the Founder of Action10 developed the Ten Actions Strategy. The Ten Actions Strategy is unique and innovative and it avoids Aid dependency. Action10 was registered Sweden in 2009 with the purpose of implementing the Ten Actions strategy in actual practice.


The situation

The United Nations (UN) has defined extreme poor as those people whose income is less than $1.25 a day. The UN states that in 2013  1.2 billion people are still suffering under extreme poverty conditions.



Equally important is to offer an excellent platform for anyone who feels solidarity with the extremely poor and wants to share. Action10 honours every donation, every work hour and every advice offered to the program. Action10 is unique and innovative also in this matter. Less that 3% of any donation is used for administration costs in Sweden (bank, money transfer and website fees), and less than 7 % is used in the lower income country. Thus Action10 guarantees that 90 % of each donation reaches the extremely poor.

Action10 is a tool for anyone who wants to support others, and who wants to have direct impact on international development and peace.


An opportunity for anyone to have direct impact

Action10 aims to be a tool for anyone who wants to support others, and who wants to have direct impact on international development and peace. The organisation is created to give you an opportunity, whether you live in a higher or lower income country, to balance the resources in the world more evenly. There is no reason for us to remain complaining on governments or aid programs, for lack of impact. No, we ourselves have to be active if we care, if we have heart, if we mind about each other.

All countries have skills and resources to offer people in other countries. African countries may be famous for social skills, togetherness, taking care of family members, good food, art and music. Scandinavian countries may be famous for the social security offered to the inhabitants and for having a well functioning infrastructure, health care and educational system for all. There are many more examples. On this builds Action10.

Action10 is a grass -root organisation. We are independent and we are not restricted by formal agendas, hierarchy or bureaucratic administration. We work fast and we are flexible to adapt to the realities on the ground. We care about each and everyone, we listen and learn. And we love each and everyone. We still collaborate with the Governments to strengthen the National development plans.

There are three ways through which you can become involved with Action10/HRS; signing up as an adviser and give guidance, signing up as a volunteer worker and give work hours and signing up as a donor and support financially. We would like to mention that Action10 has maximum three per cent in administration in Sweden and seven per cent in the partner countries.

So if you feel you want to directly raise people from extreme poverty, change a situation where resources are unevenly balanced between countries or create peace and social security, and at the same time benefit from implementing positive aspects of other cultures into your own life, then you are most welcome to join the Action10 family.