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Child with SpellAfrica application

How a smartphone app changes lives in Nigeria

Our program partner SpellAfrica from Nigeria has recently launched their new smartphone app to bring English language education to Nigeria. Action10 & SpellAfrica work needs driven which means that our target partners – the people of Nigeria who need to be educated in English language – are highly involved in the process of what tool or channel is best for them to start learning.

Child with SpellAfrica application

SpellAfrica on Google Play

The smartphone application is therefore a huge milestone on our mission to improve the poor standard of English across Africa. You can find it on Google Play if you want to have a look:

Meet Spell101 – an entertaining and educational radio program

Spell101 is a Radio/TV program that is designed to improve the spelling skills of teenagers across Nigeria. It is an all entertaining yet educative radio show with musical interludes that encourages youths to phone in for the purpose of spelling words over the phone. To encourage spellers, we offer them gift items. It’s a relax way of informally teaching English vocabulary.Together with SpellAfrica, we strongly believe that getting the right vocabulary is the first step towards improving Africa’s education.

Next step: Support local entrepreneurs

We are focusing now to support local entrepreneurs. SpellAfrica is currently performing a market research. Here is a fresh update from Elvis Austins, the founder of SpellAfrica:

I have being sampling the interest of local business owners in some parts of the country to find out their individual need. At this time we have not been able to draw a conclusion as the outcome of the survey varies. By the end of August we shall come up with a more formal finding and the outcome challenge of this market research.”

To support the next steps after the completed market research, Action10 has already secured 1,000 $ together with its generous donors. This will allow us to move quickly once the needs are identified and the program defined.

Action10 is proud of the achievements SpellAfrica has made and will continue to support this outstanding organizations and its programs.


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