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Ghetto Outreach Forum Awareness in Liberia

The Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS) is currently working with a Campaign fighting against Substance Abuse across Post War Liberia. The campaigned is called Ghetto Outreach Forum Awareness and is run in Monrovia. IDEFOCS  has currently programs running in three ghettos ; the King Gray, the Tortor and the 72nd Ghetto. But the activities are not enough needs to be enlarged. Action10 is discussing with ODEFOCS on means to support their program.

Mr Brocks Pokai, one of the founders of IDEFOCS writes in the introduction to the Campaign:

Be cautious of Substance Abuse, It makes you a failure.

No matter, you have tried hard to recover from that unpleasant feeling of drugs dependency syndrome which compels you not to stop using drug, or even you have tried millions of times but fail; the only hope is to recognize your goal and role in society, keep focus, but always remember that your greatest challenge to achieve your goal and play your role will be substance abuse.

Therefore, to smoothly accomplish your goal and be part of development in your local communities, I urge you to resist substance use, let go that feeling, free yourself, your mind and be a part of community development.




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