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Fundraising in US

Fundraiser at the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese

On Friday the 12th of February a fundraiser for the Cameroon-US letter exchange program took place at the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese in Vista, California.

The program is a newly established pilot program between students in Cameroon and students at High Tech Elementary North County (HTeNC) in San Marcos, California. The goal of the program is to give the children an early understanding of other people’s life circumstances and to provide an opportunity for the children to create friendships across national boarders.

Children were enjoying arcade games, dancing with Chuck E. (a big mouse), and having their dinner with friends. Chuck E. Cheese will donate 15% of any sales that were made by participating fundraiser customers that visited the restaurant between 3pm and 9pm the 12th of February.

Fundraising in US

The Action10 team would like to extend a warm thanks to Mrs. Chanda Davis (one of the parents at HTeNC) who headed this fundraiser. We would also like to thank everyone who came to Chuck E. Cheese to participate and contribute to the letter exchange program.


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