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Finance Accounting and Administration

Action10 is providing guidelines, training and coaching on Finance Administration and Accounting, to partners who themselves identify a need. It is a service among friends. All partners agree that high quality financial standards facilitates the work with the joint program including monitoring and evaluation planning. We see proper finance administration and accounting as important means of communication between partners. The procedures ensure project quality, accountability and transparency. Moreover, a proper bookkeeping protects against corruption and bribery,  possibly imposed on us by external stakeholders. It is obvious that exactly the same requirements are asked from all partners including Action10 and it is seen as a component of equal partnership.

Four sets of guidelines have been developed. These are available in English and in French.
Step ONE focuses on the bookkeeping and addresses the Financial Year, Basics of Bookkeeping, to Book an Activity and Supporting Documents.
Step TWO focuses on the Financial Statements and addresses the International Finance Reporting Standards, the Balances Sheet, the Income Statement, the Auditing and Archiving.
Step THREE addresses Roles and Responsibilities, Salary records, Seminar and Workshop records, Procurement procedures and Inventory procedures-
Step FOUR  addresses how to protect oneself against corruption and bribery.


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