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We have helped hundreds of children of primary and secondary school age to attend school in rural Togo since 2009. 

Here’s what we do: 



Asking children what they need

We go one step further than the regular educational programme and in each new village we work in, the first thing we do is ask the children what they need to pass the end of year exam. For example, some have said that they would perform much better in school if they slept better at night, by laying on a simple mat instead of directly on the floor.

Raising awareness on children’s rights

We carry out events in the local communities to promote children’s rights to basic needs such as physical protection, food, health care and education and have put a stop to corporal punishment in the schools. The adults in the village often say that they wished for the same protection when they were children. 


We use part of the 10% interest gained from our loans programme carried out in the same villages to provide a sustainable income for the running of the village schools. It goes towards employing one officer in the country to deliver the programme and to provide simple materials to keep the school open, like chalk for the blackboard.

Nearly 100% of the children have successfully passed their end of year school exams as opposed to a 50% pass rate in the rest of the region.

Your donation can really make a difference

Many children in rural parts of Togo have to face a multitude of challenges before the school day even begins and as a result a high percentage of children drop out of education at an early age. A lack of awareness of children’s rights means that young children are often put to work instead of encouraged to attend school.  
Although every child dreams of passing their exams and acquiring a basic education, they lack a supporting environment with the right resources and encouragement as well as recognition of the rights of children.
That’s where we come in.