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Costs for children in school in Togo

Mr Francois from S.E.VIE in Togo and Ms Mikaela from Action10 have in excellent collaboration compiled the actual direct costs for allowing one child attending Primary School in Togo. This compilation gives an insight into the S.E.VIE – Action10 program and how we go beyond the school items and also include other aspects of life for a young child such as health, food, sleeping mat and light to do homework. As an Action10 supporter you may want to reflect over that if you decide to donate 100 SEK a month to Action10 you will make it possible for one child to go to school.
And please note that the S.E.VIE – Action10 joint program goes even further. We also address awareness rising for the children on children’s rights, and we do have in place a support program for the children’s teachers and their families. We state that it is necessary to address not only the child herself but also her environment. Moreover, in order not to let the children become donation dependent we develop ways to generate a sustainable economy, such as the Small Scale Business Program we have for the mothers.


Estimated annual costs for one child attending Primary School in   Togo.
The compilation addresses the direct costs only.

Cost per item, CFA*


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