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Collaboration with the Togolese Government on Education for All

The objective of the Togolese government in the context of the Education for All (EFA) program is to enable each Togolese child of school age to have access to quality primary school education by the year 2020. The aim is further to equip the children with practical and solid intellectual, civic and moral knowledge, so that each child can benefit from a fulfilled life and also have access to secondary education. To achieve its goals the Togolese government is targeting especially children from poor families, children living in rural settlements and girls.

The analysis of the program made by S.E.VIE reveals that, despite remarkable quantitative improvements during recent years (2011 – 2013), the primary education in Togo still suffers from severe lack of quality.  This deficit is a result of poor physical infrastructure, lack of training of teachers, lack of textbooks and teaching materials and outdated teaching methods. The deficit has a significant impact on the student’s ability to assimilate and master the content of the teachings that they receive. As a result many students have to repeat full school years. Even though, we can see a reduced repetition rate, it is still high. A rough estimate shows that around 50 percent of the students in rural areas have to repeat full school years. The repetition rates increase with school year.

In addition, the unfavorable equity disparities still remain. The access to and enrollment in the education program is uneven between regions, between urban and rural settlements and between girls and boys. It is obvious that girls are less enrolled in school than boys. There are three reasons for the unbalance; socio cultural, socio economic and the structure of the education system.

Thus, much remains to be done to achieve the main objectives of the Education for All (EFA) program.  The S.E.VIE Action10 “Basic education and children abuse prevention” program aims to support the Togolese government’s EFA policy by initiating innovative actions to ensure that orphans, street children and other vulnerable children are included in the system and are offered quality education. The S.E.VIE and Action10 is actively communicating with the Togolese Government on how to best support the EFA program.


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