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Basic Education and Child Abuse Prevention in Togo

The S.E.VIE/Action10 Basic Education and Child Abuse Prevention Programme in Togo started in 2009. Since its inception it has, among other things, supported vulnerable children with school material and provided sensitization on children’s rights.

Report by Caroline Brundin, Senior Officer of Evaluation Planning work group

Together with our program partner S.E.VIE, the support of the programme has made a great contribution. So that in 2014, 174 children in the programme daily attend the school and do well in their exams. The children feel motivated to make an effort in school.

togo_school program report01

togo_school program report02

Since 2011, the government in Togo has paid the school fees for all primary school students. The knowledge on children’s rights that S.E.VIE shares with children, parents, teachers and village populations has greatly increased awareness on the importance of education; parents prioritize the education of their children and support their children to go to school.

togo_school program report03

In the village Gapé Abgetim S.E.VIE, together with the Village Development Committee, have established a Community Supervision Centre for Early Childhood. Thirty two children, 4-5 years of age, can spend their days at the centre. S.E.VIE trained an instructor for the centre, Ms J.E. Nyassivé, and provided it with 32 chairs. At the centre the children can play, dance and sing songs while their parents undertake their daily work.Unfortunately, the centre still lacks toys and playing materials.

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Action10 and our local program partner S.E.VIE continuing working on assisting children and parents in Togo to have better condition of education.  Support our current educational program in Togo:
Educate girls in Togo about “Sugar Daddies”



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