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Action10’s Togo Campaign

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On May 19th Action10 launched its Togo Campaign with the purpose of furthering its efforts to provide people with small business loans in Togo. We have recently written about Caroline’s experiences in Togo and her research involving Action10 and our partner organisation S.E.VIE. In short, this partnership has permitted over 350 people in seven different rural villages to set up their own businesses over the past four years and we intend to continue this successful undertaking.

We are convinced that it is the lack of capital rather than ideas that restrict people from setting up their own businesses. With the help of micro-loans the concerned villagers have been allowed to work their way out of poverty and begin living a decent life. Action10 and S.E.VIE also help train people in business management in order to ensure that these business endeavours continue long after our support stops. Sustainability is key in all of our work.

The track record of Action10 and S.E.VIE’s work speaks for itself. In 99% of the cases the loans were paid back and then re-invested into the next family. Many entrepreneurs have seen the potential of our program and are eager to join. We intend to expand our program further to help more villagers and our donors are vital to us for this to work.

To reach our target of 50,000 Kr we rely on your support. When this is written our campaign has drawn in 4,850 Kr, but we are still a long way from our target. There is still time, more exactly until June 17th for us to reach this target. Please donate now so that we can continue to help villagers in Togo to help themselves.

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