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According to recent estimates, in 2015, 702 million people still lived in extreme poverty. Despite billions of dollars in development aid, an unacceptably high 9.6% of the global population lives on $1.90 or less. 

This is where Action 10 comes in.

About usIt is now time for us to reflect on the lessons we have learnt and do things differently.

Although lower income countries struggle with extreme poverty, they also possess the only people capable of bringing them out of it. The greatest asset in this challenge will be the capacity to harness that human capital. We believe local people hold the key to economic sustainability and prosperity.

We have program partners across all seven countries where we are present, sharing knowledge and an innovative approach to end the need for aid. We work with individuals, communities, local authorities and local entrepreneurs to find the most effective and efficient ways to eradicate extreme poverty by sharing resources, tools, expertise and knowledge.

Money alone can’t solve this problem.

It is just one tool among many. When we receive donations we never just donate. Instead, we build partnerships. We say that we can help start an initiative so long as it exhibits a sustainable economy.

Sometimes we provide seed-money, early stage investment that enables a small business to grow. We then build a structure around which the initial loan can be paid back. So, if money is lent to people to reach their goal – everything is paid back so we can reinvest in other people and start brand new, successful ventures.

What we do

What we do

Action 10 provides expertise, tools and resources to enable people facing extreme poverty to find a way out.

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Where we work

Where we work (2)

We are present in seven countries across West Africa and South America. The problem is the same in all of them – extreme poverty.

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How we work

How we work

Action 10 is different – we work in equal partnership and operate on a 10-point agenda to bring sustainable change 

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Our history

Local stories shape what we do. The first project Action 10 undertook was in Togo and has become a huge success story.

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More than 90% of Action 10's expenditure is spent on charitable activities


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