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A birthday party in Sweden changes lives in Togo

When was the last time you didn’t know what you want for your birthday?
Björn Fredriksson from Sweden was in this situation just a couple of weeks ago and generously decided to ask his guests to donate to the Action10 program in Togo.

birthday party

None of his guests had a hard time finding the right present, nobody bought something he already had and Björn was able to support a cause he truly cares about.

Together his guests have donated an amazing amount of 9,000 SEK (more than 1,000 $) that will enable Action10 and S.E.VIE to hire an extra person in Togo dedicated to support the Women’s Entrepreneurship program.

Just a few weeks after the generous from Monika of 10,000 SEK that has allowed us to help 25 women starting their business we are amazed of the support we receive from Sweden these days.

Contact us if your next birthday party should change lives as well.

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