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Action10 provides expertise, tools and resources to enable people facing extreme poverty to find a way out. That could be by starting a business, gaining skills or learning new ways to improve what they are already doing. We can help them build for the future.

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According to recent estimates 702 million people still live in extreme poverty. Despite billions of dollars in development aid, an unacceptably high 9.6% of the global population lives on $1.90 or less. 

It is time for us to reflect on the lessons we have learnt and do things differently.

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Upcoming Event

African Flavors - Action10 Xmas event

Join us on December 20 for an evening where you will experience African Flavors in Stockholm! Get together with other people to network and have a good time learning about Africa and Action10 programs.

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How your money is spent


Because we are a 100% volunteer driven organisation, more than 90% of Action10’s expenditure is spent on charitable activities.


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