Support a Women Entrepreneur in Togo

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Donation Goal For This Project is SEK5,000
64% Donated/SEK1,759 To Go
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Help us provide small business loans so people can provide for their family.

97% of your donation goes to Togo (thus only 3% admin fee in Sweden)

Action10 is raising money to provide small business loans to people in Togo.

In the past four years, Action10 has supported 350 people in seven different rural villages formally living in poverty, to set up their own business.

How was this accomplished?

  • Provided loans for entrepreneurs to set-up their small shops, and trained them in business management
  • 99% of loans were paid back and then re-invested in the next family

Since the program has really changed the lives of families in these extremely poor villages, we would like to continue to expand the program to more small business owners in more villages. The demand to do so is already large as many entrepreneurs have seen the potential with the program and are eager to join.

This program is managed jointly by non-profit organizations: Action10 in Sweden, and S.E.VIE in Togo.

Mission: Eradicate extreme poverty

Goal: Improve lives of children