Letter Exchange Program

Child writing a letter
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Child writing a letter

The Letter Exchange Program (LEP) aims to promote cultural exchange, cultivating a deeper global knowledge, while building and honing skills in reading and writing English. This program is for children between the age of 8 and 10 years, and will give these children an early understanding of other people’s life circumstances. The program also provides an opportunity for children to create friendships across national borders.

The Problem

There is an unjustifiable inequality in the distribution of resources in our world. In some parts people are starving and in other parts people live in wasteful excess. There are many geopolitical, social, and geographic reasons for this. However, factors that can exacerbate this situation include lack of  knowledge, understanding, and compassion among different peoples of the world. To overcome this gap in knowledge, understanding and compassion, we need to learn about other cultures, other countries, and other traditions.

Helping to Solve the Problem

Through our Letter Exchange Program, children will begin, at an early age, to learn about other cultures, countries, traditions, and other children’s socio-economic circumstances. They will learn how to communicate with other similar-aged children with very different backgrounds from their own, cultivating not only knowledge, but also compassion. They will have the opportunity to forge bonds and make friendships that will enable them to better understand the world.
Group of kids writing

Long-Term Impact

Our hope is that through this program, children, because of their new-found global knowledge, understanding, and compassion, will grow into adults who make life choices and decisions that will lead to more equality and justice in our world.
Child writing a letter