Celebrate Christmas with Little Bassa

Donation Goal For This Project is SEK1,000
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Fundraising over – Celebrate this Christmas with Little Bassa

Little Bassa is an impoverished village where many parents struggle to give their children even one basic meal a day. Even though the village is situated in highly fertile land, the community lacks adequate education and training to utilize it.

Many parents are forced to make short-term decisions to feed their children instead of long term commitments to farming and agriculture which could increase much needed revenue and reduce poverty.


Providing 200 children with a basic meal in Little Bassa means that their parents can focus their time on workshops to develop sustainable skills in farming instead of worrying about putting food on the table.

Action10 and partners IDEFOCS want to engage the community and its leaders to address the issue of poverty through farming and agriculture. Since 2013, we have been working with the community and want to continue to build a strong relationship.

Help us raise $1000 and give Little Bassa:

  • A decent meal for every child
  • Entertainment activities for the children
  • Christmas gifts for the children
  • Workshops about opportunities in agriculture for the community and its leaders

Together we can empower the community to fight poverty, build strong relations through sustainable grassroots projects and bring some happiness to the children of Little Bassa.